Monday, October 06, 2008

another room

I have another room, which is my own. And I like it very much. It gets the southern sun, which is my favorite. It's light, airy and spacious.

I've photographed it here for posterity.

(remember the lovely bedspread, Briana)I've found the perfect wall for the bike photo, Courtney.I've made a collage of good photos and postcards, + a Wyoming sticker

(and the dragonflies have found lovely places to hang)

And the views from the windows...
(the chimneys from Mary Poppins)


Briana said...

step in time!

love it! it looks very "kathy", oh excuse me, "kate".

hope i get to come visit sometime.

love ya!

ang said...

oh, kate, i love your room! i loooove it! the windows with the sill to put things on, the bit of wood from the ceiling, the bedspread and the postcards i can still recognize even though they're very small...i need to send you my gift soon to add.:) i stood in your room this weekend for the very first time and then i had to stop because it made me very sad. kailin was there, she made it a little better.:) and i met rober! love you!

Courtney said...

I require a new post from you as well. :) Maybe with the bike photo in a frame.