Tuesday, July 01, 2008

another thing: driving

I forgot another important little thing that I will miss living in Europe.
the open road

and Scout, and driving on my own, and long roadtrips traveling across the country, seeing new things and doing lots of camping.

I started my summer with a road trip from GA to NY.
I had to pack up my dear green room on Euclid. Angie helped.

And then Garrett and I set out on 85N.
(note Scout's backseat, loaded, my lampshade peaking out to get in the picture)
We stopped at Rasberry Ridge, and Oakland Ave, and then dropped in on Courtney at the lake...
where Courtney and I drove the boat
and tried to teach Garrett how to ski.
We aren't such good drivers, but Garrett got up
for a bit.

In DC we visited with the Zubas, and saw Ruth just before William arrived. We went to the park with Ruth and JT.
We went into the city where we met Kailin and hung out at the FDR memorial.
We also went with Laura, Garrett's sister, to the zoo to see the pandas.
and the prairie dogs, elephants, hippos, zebras, & sea lions.

And then after a few days in NJ, I headed out for some more western skies.
(howdy, east orange. and the sanitary bakery.

Western New York is beautiful.
I took a bike ride with my camera.

There's not much directional variety...I just road straight on mostly-flat-Rt 19 until I came to this turn off. Climbed the hill, hoping for a view.


Garrett said...

I think my name has now been mentioned at least as often as mosquito larvae now...so exciting!

Anonymous said...

What's with East Orange. Did you forget where you grew up. Come spend a little time at the homestead with the folks.
Love, M/D

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it was just a typo, not ignorance, but you wanted to say you "rode" your bike.

kate said...

oh, the first was not a typo. it's from a Dylan song. You can click the link. He's in NYC and he is sick of it, so he says, "I headed out for the western skies. So long New York. Howdy....East Orange..." which makes me laugh.

the second...was. i was thinking of the very long and straight road...

Anonymous said...

So I make an entry and show my ignorance (of Dylan). But it was really his mistake. West Orange high schoolers were the "Cowboys" when I was growing up. The school newspaper was the Round-up and the year book the West-O-Ranger. When we talked about moving out west, we meant western NJ.

Kyle said...

who's this garrett guy that's never mentioned and then all of a sudden you are holding hands in a pic?! also, he doesn't look eastern european. also, where can kyle get one of those kate tshirts? - katie

Briana said...

yea, love the shirt. slick, real slick.

Carol said...

Your blog misses you. A lot.