Sunday, May 25, 2008


I bought a camera!
So now you can see pictures of Tid, Tad and Todd who are growing by the day.
Here they are in the little fishbowl on top of the porch table that Courtney recently re-decoupaged. You can see two of them, I think.
And here's a closer look at the bottom where you can make out my larvae-friend. He's the color of the sand, but if you look closely you see him just below the center of the photo.
And here's a closer look at Todd, the oldest of the three. He already is growing his legs. I know you can only see one, but he really does have two.

remnants of the weekend...
Courtney sits on the porch swing under the head of the piƱata from Kailin's and Joanna's birthday party on Friday.
Our bikes rest in the dining room after Saturday's ride.


Carol said...

Over a week with a camera, no more teaching, and only 5 new pictures on your blog (60% of which are of blurry amphibians) - what's going on, Kate!!!

kate said...

i know i'm lame, but more coming tomorrow, ok?

Carol said...

I'm waiting! A whole morning on the computer and no post yet!