Friday, March 07, 2008

hugo, the end of the frogs

When I titled the previous post Hugo, I had a premonition.  I had a feeling that I would return to school to find our second frog gone.  And indeed, word was given to me within five minutes of arriving, that Hugo hadn't survived our absence.  Victor died at the beginning of the year.  Hugo lived to a ripe old age.  He lived in the company of goldfish who didn't always treat him kindly, but who will miss him dearly. 

Hugo died in the care of the fifth grade, who no doubt gave him a solemn funeral with a sweet dirge. 
Remembering Hugo

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ang said...

oh, how sad for hugo. i liked hugo, even if i'm not certain which one he was! but i liked them both. maybe you will find some real tadpoles this year is your summer travels to replace him.:)