Wednesday, February 20, 2008


As I was driving back from Christmas break in Maryland, I did a lot of listening to a variety of music, and began thinking about how different albums and songs reminded me of different points in my life. And since I performed a similar exercise about this time last year with books, I'm trying it with music now.

takes me back
  • REM's Out of Time, especially "Shiny Happy People" - middle school
  • Audio Adrenaline - Big House - high school youth group....

  • Neil Young Harvest Moon (especially "Old King"); Billy Joel Glass Houses, River of Dreams take me back to high school
  • Paul Simon's "Call Me Al" and The Phantom of the Opera - singing in physics class, high school junior year (the former because my lab partner Val sang it with her name)
at college
  • Tom Petty's Best of, "American Girl" and "The Waiting" - freshman year, college
    The Police: "Every Breath You Take" and Matchbox 20: "3 AM" - freshman year, particularly frisbee on Friday night
  • "Jesse's Girl" and "Summer of '69" - summer after freshman year
  • Pedro the Lion and Half-Handed Cloud
  • Ben Folds Rocking the Suburbs, especially "Annie Waits" - summer 2003, cleaning houses on the mtn.
in SK
  • Paul Simon's Graceland
  • Hem's Rabbit Songs
  • Billy Joel's Miami 2017 (seen the lights go out on broadway)
driving summer 06
  • Emmylou Harris's Wrecking Ball, especially "Waltz You Across Texas"
  • "East Coast/West Coast" & "O I Drive", by Singing Mechanic
last year, 2007
  • Packway Handle Band
  • City Beneath the Sea
to say i was addicted to these songs last spring puts it mildly:
  • The Weepies's Say I Am You, particularly, om, "Gotta Have You" - spring 2007, especially while reading for my Euro History class
  • from Dylan's new album "Spirit on the Water"
  • "Our House" by Crosby Stills Nash and Young
driving soundtrack, summer 2007
  • "Iowa", Dar Williams
  • "I Wish it Would Rain", Nanci Griffith
  • "Beautiful Wreck", Shawn Mullins
  • "Ford Econoline", Nanci Griffith
  • Neil Young's "Cripple Creek Ferry" and Cartalk Tunes - driving with Daniel
  • "New Hampshire" by the Brilliant Inventions
  • and last fall: "As Cool As I Am", Dar Williams
and this winter
  • Neil Young's Decade, esp. "Winterlong"
  • and Over the Rhine's The Trumpet Child

*sigh* i really love music


Briana and Trevor said...

i think you are missing "All Star" by SmashMouth. Freshman year. Heidi Jean will remember that one.

I do credit you for my appreciate if not love of Tom Petty, Billy Joel and Bob Dylan.

Carol said...

The Dead Dog song! That brings me back too!

Kate, are you telling the complete truth? From your high school days I recall the Newsboys, Take me to your Leader and They Don't Serve Breakfast in Hell, especially.


one-who-acknowledges-omissions said...

so, i scanned my cds to get ideas...and i don't have those anymore. but, you're correct, they totally belong in high school. how i could forget them, i'm not sure.

i don't promise the above is complete. i was frustrated a month ago writing this post because while driving I could remember SO much music that then left my head at the keyboard. so it sat for a while, and then i decided to post it incomplete as it is.

additions welcome.