Sunday, January 06, 2008

a photo album of Windham

With siblings spread across two continents, it's not often that we all get together. Elizabeth and Milan were returning to Prague, and we decided to have a family reunion in July 2007 before they left. All my siblings, their spouses and children too, with my parents total 15 now. It was a long time since we were all together, and that certainly before several of the chillens were born. We stayed in a lovely large cabin in the Catskills that a family friend lent us.

We had a few day outings, and hung around at home lots. Here we went to a little pond with a sandy beach where we were not permitted to swim and geese poop littered the beach. We didn't stay long, but I enjoy these pictures.

On another day we drove out to a state park and had a picnic by the lake. We put my dad's little red kayak in the water and all took turns. The kids did a bit of swimming and playing in the sand. Here we all are eating lunch.
After lunch we went on a bit of a hike. (Isn't Daniel just so cute? How many more years do I get to say that?)

Anna is too (and I bet I have lots of years before she'd mind me saying that). Mary made her wreaths of daisies on short walks from the cabin.
You can see the table all set for dinner. As with all family occasions, it seems much time is spent preparing food or sitting at the table enjoying it. But the rest of our laying-around-time was primarily spent in playing games. My birthday was on Friday, and at the start of the week Mary gave me the game Settlers of Catan. We all became addicted to it, sometimes even playing games back to back....

Here's Ruth, Radu, Carol and Elizabeth playing (teamed with Daniel). Milan is reading in the background.
(Radu likes it even though he doesn't like other board games.)
And since only four can play settlers, the rest of us read.
Or play Backgammon. I dare say Mark always looks cute in pictures. You gotta click on this next one to get a bigger image of his face.
Another day the big kids went on a hike. It was long and rigorous. It had rained and I recall wet flora sticking to my feet. Everyone else will recall that I wore Chacos... And I recall that Mary kept a very fast pace on the steep climb. Then we came to a fork and didn't know what to do. We didn't have cell reception to call and ask. We managed to find our way back to the car.

One evening was dedicated to old family slides which I enjoyed getting out and going through. On another evening we watched a movie.

We used the opportunity to take several whole-family pictures.
This one is my favorite: And of the others on the back porch, I've picked my favorite shots of various people:
I really like Elizabeth in this one.
David and Jodi.
The Zubas (with Daniel scrunched in - isn't that splendid?)Daniel and Anna. I like this one of Mary, Carol and Daddy especially. But there are me and mother, completing the 15.

Friday, July 20 was the last day of our reunion, and after a morning birthday celebration with family, Courtney and I headed out toward New Hampshire.

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