Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Angie shared some interesting word origins. I did know of Spoonerisms. I like those. But the others were new.

The expression of something being laced with poison is strange. Lace is a pretty delicate thing, and I wonder how it came to be the term for drink poisoned.

This brings me to a Half-handed Cloud song:
Belly, what a waste
And eating all in haste
Not knowing that it's laced
Poison that I can't taste

We hold tasting fees
He's got us where he please
Not seeing where he sees
We're being pulled on skiis

Then save your front door
Not locked, open wide
despite being poor
We're rich as his bride

Danger to us
He fashioned a sail
Took me out of the gale
And so I'm his bride,
But then so is my wife
And daily to abide
He keeps us on the ride
(i can't always tell if i'm hearing the lyrics right. i sure wish he'd post them on a website.)

The next simple song is so good too:
Parent-free I will not leave you
Children rest secure
I'll send the Comforter
Out -ooo oo

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