Thursday, October 25, 2007


My little sister is a freshman at Wheaton, and she's happy and idealistic.  Her blog is fun to read.  So, I'm nostalgic for college days through her.  She writes of her favorite lit. professor:

Dr. Ryken is also a very funny man. I'll "regale you" [she hasn't taken my advise on pruning her vocabulary apparently] with some of his most common expressions. I write them down in the top margin of my notes.

"I know you'll handle it with your characteristic maturity." [har har]
"I knew you'd be reasonable and see it my way."
"We need to go bing, bing, bing." (when he's looking for answers to his questions)
"I hear pleasant murmuring sounds." (when answers are quiet and not confident)
"Did you hear that, class?" (in a deep, growling voice)
"Tuck it away."
"Consider it done."
"This is Wheaton, where students write their own ticket."
"This is Wheaton, where every answer is right."
"Try it on your roommate."
"Am I not more to you than ten late arrivals?" (when everyone stares at the tardy student)          

I thought I ought to pick up some of those expressions…especially the last one:  "Am I not more to you than 10 moms walking on the sidewalk out the window!??"

I really love it when you can tell that someone Really loves what they are doing, and they are in their element.

I've been feeling a bit out of my element lately. 




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Carol said...

ohh. I'm sorry that you feel out of your element, Kate. I feel that way in the conservatory. It's troubling.
In my defense, "regale" is the word Dr. Ryken uses for his entertaining us.
And please do read and comment on the blog! I love it.