Friday, August 24, 2007


I've just about became addicted to sewing. My sister gave me her sewing machine before moving back to Prague, and when I returned from summer travels, I took it out.
First, I bought all the necessary notions (that's a nice word).

Then I proceeded to make myself a simple, gathered skirt. Which it is.

Then I had to make a dust cover for my sewing machine. And then I made little "pillows" stuffed with balsam fir from Maine, because it smells good. Then I hemmed two pants, and I'm working on re-making an old dress I have. The to-do list is huge.

The first week of work (pre-planning, when I can still leave work at work) I couldn't stop sewing every night. Now, it's not so much. But it just feels right when I do. I feel sorry I never discovered this until now.

My childhood memories of sewing are horrible. I never did thread the machine properly, and the bobbin always got caught. I don't know why it's different now. But I officially have a new hobby.


Damien said...

congratulations kate! this is really a very big deal. the potential for creativity and fulfillment through sewing is pretty much boundless.

Anonymous said...

Kate, remember your prayer that you would find an activity or hobby that was different from church and school. Another interest or outlook. Do you see that sewing could be one answer to that prayer? Love you. Mother