Saturday, June 02, 2007

from Middlemarch

"That is what a woman ought to be: she ought
to produce the effect of exquisite music." (Lydgate 110)

I'm not really sure what I think about this quote, but I find it interesting to read. I like thinking about it.

I decided I like music better than any other thing on this earth.
but that's not really related.

But this is how my brain is working right now, on the second day of summer.

I like playing that game where you add one word to a list according to whatever pops into your brain. It's a good car game, and associations can be hilarious.

This blog
is all about it.


Carol said...

That's a strong statement, to like music more than anything else on earth. very strong.

Carol said...

Modern Times! That was one of the Bob Dylan cds I got from the library whose names I couldn't remember (and I don't think it's a columbia record)
so there?

kate said...

i'm pretty sure it is...

Damien said...

hey, thanks for playing wordforword and spreading the good news.