Monday, May 21, 2007

big bend 2

By Daniel Manning

From Daniel

Dear Kate,
You can put the picture up on your blog. I'm excited to go just as you are. The pictures on our computer look very nice. We've looked at animals and the mountain views too. Big Bend is going to be really fun, but I don't think there will be rattlesnakes up in the mountains because it will be cold there. The mountains are different lengths so you know how high it is. Right now I'm making a sword with electrical tape. When I'm doing this email, this time. I'm going to tell you something. there's pictures in our book about Texas and you have to read to see which pictures are Big Bend because some of them are not.
I hope you have a wonderful time at Big Bend.
Daniel to Kate

A poem from Anna

All the plants in Big Bend are very beautiful
As you will look at them they are so beautiful you will want to look at them for an hour maybe.
If they are more beautiful than you think, you may look at them for 20 minutes or so.
Maybe I will show you one plant that I like because there are tons of plants in Big Bend
That I maybe will like.
So I'll show you every single one, Kate,
Because maybe one is your favorite and you won't know how to go to it
So I'll show you it and you'll say, That is a beautiful plant
And I maybe will like Big Bend, I don't know
Because I've never been there
And I maybe will like it I don't know if I'll like it maybe.

you see, I love being an aunt

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