Thursday, March 15, 2007

here, now

Do I have a blog?

What's that?

I think New England sounds nice.

let it be recorded in the books that on March 10 courtney and I came up with a plan for New England driving.

This weekend I was reminded that Atlanta is a good place to live: Early march and spring weather. It was the most absolutely perfect weekend, and I was not jealous of people living anywhere else in the US, not even Wyoming.

I know (as Courtney reminded me) that my contentedness here should not be circumstantial. And that is a problem. But God also uses our circumstances to remind us of things and teach us things.

Today is a bit cooler, and the weatherman threatens temperatures in the 50s this weekend, but we still have budding trees.

On Tuesday I was bending over papers on my desk when I was suddenly overpowered by the most wonderful smell of spring. I looked around, and saw that my hyacinth bulbs have began to bloom. Yesterday was so georgious I had the windows open, and the gentle breeze blowing over my potted plants brought in a glorious scent.

I've spent most of my evenings reading or grading out on our porch. It's good.


Mother said...

I'll come for a segment!

Daddy says what about Prince Edward Island? Don't you want to see Anne's Green Gables?

kate said...

and I did go (but not to pei)!!

more posts coming