Thursday, February 15, 2007


ohmygoodness there are more good songs on this site:
(and a cute story)

These are all good words:






Today was such a wretched day at school, and I have this book waiting to be read, and it's also wretched: most terribly written and about terrible things. But I have good music and good words to make me happy (and a warm laptop on my lap...if only it could be Velvet nudging her wet nose, but alas).


Carol said...

How about vicissitudes? that's a cool word. so is pellucid.

You know what Velvet would do if you were reading and ignoring her? She'd lean up next to you, shove her cold nose and muzzle under your elbow and then suddenly lift her head so that the book would fall from your hand or the hot tea would slosh onto your lap. If that didn't do it she'd go to the front door and ring the bell, insistently. If that didn't work she'd lie down and sigh loudly. very loudly.

I love that dog.

kate said...

nice. vicissitudes is good. not sure you can describe it as pellucid, though that's an excellent word...maybe the next one for the students.

Carol said...

What did I tell you about not teaching the prefix "pel-" to the students?! :-)

Jamie said...

kate~ i am currently listening to the weepies from thier site. I really like them. thanks for the tip. they might be my next purchase.