Friday, January 12, 2007

old friends

This seemed at first a strange concurrence...but actually I think it is an act of God. I don't mean that in the cliche, but I really see His hand in what might have seemed a coincidence.

In the context of Facebook, I was thinking last week about old friends and how bad I am at keeping in touch after I've moved away. And I fear what will happen if I leave here, even with those high expectations, as always, to keep in the best of touch. And I don't want to be like that.

Later, while perusing through a long list of links of old friends' blogs, I thought about why I have a hard time re-connecting with someone after a long time. Partly, when you've gone so long without talking, it's hard to know what would be news. I mean, last night's parent meeting wouldn't be interesting, so it's like you have to have big news to re-initiate. The other aspect is that I think I begin to feel guilty about my lack of communication, or maybe I feel adrift because I haven't heard from them in so long. And that makes it harder to make the call.

As I was lamenting this, I came to the conclusion that the answer is not to fear what time has elapsed, and to dissipate any feelings of guilt that lie between me and initiating new conversation. I thought maybe I could resolve to do better this new year (if I could just think of something worth catching them up on in my life).

And then, in answer to my new desire, I heard from two long-lost friends this very week!

I feel like the doors swung wide open, and I am resolved to do better.

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