Sunday, October 22, 2006


I've got a hankering for a motorcycle. I really want one. I wonder how much they cost. I see motorcycles pretty often in my drives around Atl these days, and I think how often it would have been nice to go somewhere on a motorcycle. They can't cost that much. And driving one makes you so cool. At least I would feel cool.

In No Direction Home Dylan said, "Everybody likes motorcycles, to some extent." That cracked me up.

I actually thought a lot about motorcycles last summer. I often saw packs of motorcycles, or a couple, driving around seeing the country. And I always wished I could join them. They looked like they were having so much fun.

I just went to the Halloween parade up my street. It was AWEsome. It was the most fantabulous sight to see. I can't even describe how amusing it was. There were floats, and everyone in the parade was comPLETEly dressed up and in character. a lot of political agendas... I was walking by myself, and just enjoyed the sight so much I wanted to laugh out loud, but I suppressed it in a grin on my face.

You never can quite tell when someone is in character or in person here, which is more amusing.

What is interesting about being immersed in the scene is the universality of feeling - everyone who would come to such a thing either plays the part or appreciates it very much. And by virtue of the scene, there is so much diversity. I saw people from 2 years to 62 years dressed up. And there was a general feeling of camaraderie and community in the air. I do appreciate self-expression so much.


The Wayward Budgeter said...

One of my friends posted that exact Dylan quote on her blog (she's a big Dylan fan. She has followed him in the summer, but that's another story). She didn't really quite believe me when I said I don't like motorcycles at all. But she said that I would laugh if I saw the clip of Dylan saying it. Anyway... don't know why I brought all that up... just because...

Have a good day! :)

Anonymous said...

ahh, motorcycles. or mopeds, also very cool. i share your sentiment, kate, i long decided if i ever had a second car it would be a motorcycle!

Anonymous said...

said angie

kate said...

Leah, I'm so excited you've heard that quote before! I just caught it in one-moment when I was watching the film on PBS last year, and I hoped I got it right. I can't really explain why it struck me, because written out, the quote doesn't seem that stricking. But it was the way Dylan said it that made it fabulous. (I'm sad you don't like motorcycles, but if it's any consolation, I probably won't really get one...)