Thursday, October 12, 2006


Well, clearly I'm having more fun playing around with my blog than I am writing. Shocking. I guess my writing-thoughts come in phases. Part of the deal is that I am meaning to post more about my trip, but I haven't felt up to doing all that, so I'm stalling. But I miss my blog, so here I am.

What's going on in the life of Kate.
I really like that Emily Dickinson quote. My friends are my estate. I love how simply she puts things. So simply that it makes me go, ah. Yes.

It's the end of the first marking period. It's hard to believe that a quarter of the school year has actually elapsed. It still feels like it is just starting. (Which is good). It still feels like my big trip is just behind me. (I guess I need closure. I'll get on that.)

Since it's the end of the quarter, I've taken up a lot of grading, and one thing I'm grading is my students' writing. I guess this is what made me feel like writing. Feel like being introspective. It is encouraging seeing them playing with words, seeing how things come out, trying new voices. Some of them remarkably good writers. (and I'm supposed to teach them?)

And others playing with postmodern ideas - meaningless stories. I don't know what to do with them. Be proud of their philosophical ways. No. I say we preserve meaning in words. Words must be meaningful, or we will lose our culture. ...I've been reading Neil Postman.

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Rahtata said...

Hello! Just stopped by to check out your blog and try and catch up a bit more on the past bazillion months. Looks like you had a GREAT time on your trip!