Sunday, September 03, 2006

june 16th

Leaving Stonecliff at 9:40 am with 9,680 miles on my one-year-old Hyundai Elantra. Amy stood at the door waying goodbye - it's probably the last time I'll see Stonecliff.

Laura mixed a CD of songs - Alabama to Texas, including a new Dylan one for me - "Stuck in the Mobile." Sounds just like "Million Dollar Bash."

Stopped in Anniston, AL to see this big chair for "Miller Furniture." Odd Alabama sites. We stopped at Sonic too, for a little lunch, and when the lady brought out our order, she smiled at the picture in the windshield and said, “Aw, isn’t that so cute? How sweet, is that your boyfriend?” I smiled and nodded. What can you say? Sure a 1960s postcard of Dylan looks like my boyfriend.

Laura drove across the Mississippi state line (first new state!!) and my car turned 10,000 miles old! We took pictures marking its birth-miles.

I read aloud her a chapter of The Education of Little Tree--my favorite one where they set the hounds out on a fox hunt. Now we're filling up in Meridian, listening to Emmylou Harris's "Red Dirt Girl" who never got any further across the Alabama state line than Meridian.

In Meridian Laura bought me a harmonica at Mississippi Music, which was awesome. Now this evening I can play a scale on it. But it sounds nice just blowing on it anyway. It is a present for my travels for music at the campfire. I'm already addicted but I don't want to annoy her family too much. =)

Mississippi is the most humid place I have ever been. The air is hot and muggy - just plain still. Laura says now I can understand how blues originated. Which I can.

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