Tuesday, May 09, 2006

worry in the waves

I should spend less time trying to make my blog look different and more time writing, huh? I think my writing urges only come midmorning (when I'm teaching) and late at night. Lately I've been too tired at night to think straight, but tonight I've reach my second wind, and my mind won't stop, so here I am. If I posted every time I composed in my mind, you'd have too much to read.

Confession. There is a singer/songwriter that I love a lot that I haven't shared with people. I've been thinking about it for the past few weeks, wondering why I keep him such a secret. He's too good to be kept a secret. The problem is that he is wacky, and I'm afraid of rejection. But I don't think his lyrics could ever be rejected, and whenever I listen to them I am so sustained. I want to share them. This one brought me through summer of 2003 when I learned to pray with faith and saw God provide quickly. James 1.

When we ask
and we doubt
it's like being tossed about
on terrential seas
see it drift away...
On the ocean's crest
Wave goodbye
to your request
when we ask and we doubt
worry in the waves

This is from Half-Handed Cloud's album
"We haven't just been told we have been loved"

One guy on Amazon.com write this, and I think it's very fitting:

...But he approaches his music like a child, and like a child his imagination and energy abound in both music and lyrics. Half-Handed Cloud's approach to songwriting-- whimsical and weighty at the same time, and above all brief-- is jarring at first, and his eclectic instrumentation amplifies the apparent eccentricity. But a close listen to this album reveals it to be a towering accomplishment, inventive and layered. And for Christians: know that this is a re-introduction to the Lord by a musician who knows how to communicate his childlike faith-- that is, his music will make you wide-eyed and innocent again.
(Is it bad to copy this? I'll site it, and you can read more here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00006JODW/002-8113860-5056028?v=glance&n=5174)

There's more, lots more where that came from. But it's late, and I think I can sleep now, so I'll sign off.

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Anonymous said...

Kate, I love that you love wacky music! Cause I love wacky music too, and even though we don't always agree on it, I can appreciate it! Great lyrics.