Friday, April 28, 2006

on my bike ride

I passed a guy wearing a feather in a three-cornered hat walking a dog.
I smelt delicious honeysuckle.
I encounted Jessica on a run.
I saw Graceland one last time.
I passed a short plump man twice, as I was going in a confused circle.
I ordered a stray pup go home.
I yelled hello to a future student.
I never downshifted to first gear.
I breathed in beautiful fresh spring air through the seive of Claritin.

top priority of my new neighborhood is that I can bike ride in it.

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jessrings said...

One time as I was running in this same area I encountered an octagenarian man running. He was very old and very small and very bony. But moving rather quick. If you see him, you will be amazed.