Monday, April 03, 2006

of mice and men

I'm going to read that this spring break.

of guests in our house. It is a week full of guests actually. This weekend I hosted an international student. She was from France, studying abroad at USC and in town for the weekend sightseeing with the Culvers. (The Culvers' ministry is to foreign exchange students and they know the Hawkins. Trivia for you. Might be on a quiz coming up.)

Speaking of things on a quiz, in a recent post I wrote: "I found some wafer snacks like we'd eat in Slovakia."
The question: Where?
Well where are they now, that is the question. And I will tell you. A mouse (or mice) ate 2 of them. 2. and took some of the yellow cardboard with her too. and left the rest in chewed up bits on the ground as evidence.

So now there is a dab of peanut butter waiting at the end of a perilous trap, and I feel sorry for it. They are such cute things, and I can buy more Prince Polos. But mice also leave yucky droppings, and so even though my house guest is gone, I don't think I need the company of a mouse tonight. Besides which, two crickets were in my bedroom, until I took out the vacuum cleaner. They come every summer, dear friends they are. But I gave them a good talking to and told them if they show their ugly heads again, they will all meet the same fate...inside the vacuum monster.

On a more positive note, I will have a much better house guest tomorrow: my mother is coming to stay. And especially for her, I will try to rid my house of unwanted guests before she arrives.

of men...
well, that's the end of my tale.

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Courtney said...

I'm sorry, that's really gross. I hate mice! Are you gonna be able to handle disposing of it when its in the trap? Not I!! I love Of Mice and Men. We can talk about it when you're finished!! And, I look forward to meeting your mom. heeheehee