Friday, March 03, 2006

moving on

I left work with my windows rolled down on this beautiful sunny day (am I still missing alaska...only part of me) and headed to REI, the sight of the building always makes me excited about adventure and traveling.
I walked out of REI with a green Nalgene, splash guard and $4 - thanks to my REI dividend (that from my bike purchase).
As I left the parking lot I found an entirely new road heading west out of REI. I naturally turned down it, and had that sensation that I was making my way into a whole new land.
I emerged on Buford Highway.
That said, I did find an exciting new place. It is actually on Clairmont & Briarcliff, just near my 85ramp, but I guess in my adventuresome mood I felt like trying something new. I stopped at the European Market and Deli - to see what was there and if I could find myself some intersting dinner. It was wonderful! I found some wafer snacks like we'd eat in Slovakia. A whole box full of Prince Polo. And I tried these palicinky/crepe type things. Two beef for dinner, and a cheese for breakfast.

I asked the guy where he was from - most things were Russian and I heard him mention Russia. He said Odessa...I guess I could have deduced that from the name of the Cafe: New Odessa. He said 'Ukraine, well, former Soviet Union.' He's been here since then I gather. I told him Mary was in Kiev.

I think he got a new customer.
There is lots of salami here, Milan!


Anonymous said...

I heard about this place! I'm supposed to go there cause my good friend's in Ukraine. I heard they had good native food and beverages. If you ever want a Cafe Odessa date, let me know!:)


CP said...

I saw New Odessa today as I was driving home. Have fun in DC. That was a very strange message that you inadvertently left me.

jessrings said...

Sweet! Is it like a restaurant? I wonder if they have borsch, or something else I've had in Ukraine!