Monday, January 23, 2006

the sweetest thing

oo, It's been so long since I've blogged. I'm a bad bad blogger, and it's late late on a school night, but then I seem to be most prolific in the dark hours of the night, so here I go.
I have a good story.

On Friday at school, I got thrown a birthday party! Quite surprising and quite delightful. We were up in the library/computer lab researching, and when we came back down there were balloons and flowers on Sara's desk. It isn't her birthday, and we didn't know what to make of it. Sara happens to be the last one in the room, and so Matt convinces everyone to start singing "Happy Birthday" as soon as she enters the room. She joins in, but then has a confused look on her face when we all say, 'dear, Sara...' and the mystery remains. Until one kid pips up, "I think this is for you, Miss M." So of course I am duly confused until someone points out that it is January 20th, and so today is my half-birthday. And they threw me a surprise party. Because they wanted to celebrate my birthday. (Nevermind about why the kids were confused. I don't know. I should say 'their parents' threw me the party then. They are good parents to me.)

That afternoon during our last hour they brought in a cake, and I think maybe we sang again. And I was very touched, because it is the first-ever birthday I've celebrated in school, and the first time I've ever been surprised for a birthday celebration.

I do believe it redeemed the week.
so begins another one.

hope you have a good one.
and, listen, thanks for commenting, people.
You inspire me to write again.

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ken said...

i'm always amazed when i hear about kids celebrating their teachers' birthdays. it makes me feel guilty, because i hadn't the faintest clue in when my teachers' birthdays were, and even less interest in celebrating them. you are fortunate.