Thursday, December 01, 2005


enter Courtney to the blogging world.
Find 'sufficient' at the links on the bottom of the sidebar.

next to two other good blogs.


kate said...

by the way, this is bound to be a very funny blog. I would recommend it heartily. her vocabulary quiz posts alone will make it worth your time.

CP said...

So are you saying that you want me to include vocab quizzes? That means I will have to tell people that I have a blog. I kind of want to be incognito. BTW, that was a vocab word last week, involving Christina!

kate said...

oh by all means, you don't have to tell people about your blog. rather, knowing you, I know vocabulary will become part of your discussion, and all who read will enjoy. it's time for bed.

Anonymous said...

I am extremely impressed that you and Courtney have a blog. I can see that you two will keep each other amused. Great article by the way. –RE