Saturday, September 24, 2005

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I've been messing around with my blog, trying to change things in the template again, and not posting. It was another beautiful Saturday morning, and the small of autumn was in the air. I took another bike ride, this time exploring a new neighborhood around me. The weather is so beautiful, and I really have an excellent neighborhood for biking. The roads are windy and interesting, and I never know quite where they are going to go. It is all hilly, so I get good exercise with the fun of racing down hills on broad, empty streets. This all might be annoying if I were walking or running, but it is exciting on a bike. I never know quite where I am -despite my sense of direction- and the challenge is to see if can find a new street to ride down without hitting a deadend or coming to a main busy road. ...and without encountering a hill that stumps me. It has yet to happen.

And the reason I'm having such a fun and relaxing Saturday - biking and blogging - is because school has been canceled on MONDAY and TUESDAY!! It is so crazy-hard to believe, but we really aren't having school. I had planned to go into work for a few hours today, to get caught up and make these next few weeks a bit more sane. This past week was pretty horrible. But, I think I'll save the work for Monday or Tues.

The reason we aren't having school is that the governor of GA requested that all public schools not have school to save gas (esp. because busses use lots of gas). Most of the counties heeded Mr. Purdue, and so did our school. I'm not exactly sure why, and I'm curious to know of this decision-making process, but, incidently, I'm not complaining!!

I'm planning on going out to Stone Mtn. with Angie on Monday, and getting lots of good work done on Tuesday that will make me feel like a better teacher, and be helping get things in order for next year. We just finished a unit, and I was REALLY hoping for a day to put all the stuff in order and note changes I made and changes that should be made. Plus I need time to get the big picture together for the unit we are starting. Last year I left it with much to be desired. So, here goes!!

Ironically the 6th graders were already planning on going on a field trip and I was going to have half the day to myself on Monday anyway....

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