Saturday, August 20, 2005

crazy miracle

It's been a long time since I've tried this - actually I nearly gave up on blogging. but i've recently be inspired to start, because i've had such a good time looking on todd's and stano's and kelly's blogs. and then something crazy happened today, that is just so amazing I want to share it all over the place.

When I got to work this morning I parked my car, as usual, near the front entrance, facing away from the church doors. Soon after I got into the building, I was downstairs making copies and I heard the loudspeaker asking for the owner of a black elantra to please come to the front office. So, I walked upstairs, not thinking too much about it--really hoping that no one hit my car. I walked up to Alex, who is in charge of the building, and said, "Alex, that's my car. What's up?" and he says, "Well, your car rolled a bit." I went to my classroom to get my keys, and when I stepped outside, my car was Not There. It was NOT in the parking place - I could not see it. Alex leads my down the parking lot, and there about 50yrs down from where my car had been parked, my car is parked, FACING the building, perfectly in a parking space. perfectly.

It had turned completely around and rolled down the lot, and landed into a new parking space. I wish I had a picture of the lot, to express how amazing this is. It had to have done a k-turn to come all the way around. It was just a miracle.

So, obviously i hadn't put up the emergency break, and so i pulled it up, and walked away. Back in my classroom i had a perfect view of my car, and every time I glanced out at it, it kind of shook me up. It was so weird to see it parked somewhere i had Not driven it -- and in such a perfect place. God's hand really must have been on it.

and something else was cool about today. all day long there was a praying mantisse on my classroom window - like it was looking out over my car, praying.

This evening, at the school's kick-off picnic, a parent told me that he had witnessed the whole thing, and described to me the path my car took. He was waiting, about to pull up to the doors to let his kids off, and he saw a car back up. It backed up slowly, and he sat and waited to let it go. But then it continued to roll backwards, pass in front of him - roll completely around him doing a 180, and he saw that there was no one in the front seat!! Then, it bumped up over the curb hitting some shrubbery, rolled across the lot and over the other curb, back down and over to the other side, and then back again where it gently glides to a stop. -- on the opposite side of the parking lot -- facing the opposite direction.


Bri said...

What a cool story! we now know that Kate's guardian angel is a praying mantisse....interesting....

stano said...

woo!! that' so cool!!! seriously, thanks for sharing!! ;) and this bloggin thing - yeah, i know what you mean.. even tho it's becoming a sort of like an addiction for me - i just love the feeling of knowing what your friends are doing and what God has been doing in their lifes lately and all this sort of community feeling that it gives you!! a great thing for peeps divided by the ocean (like us).. :)
keep it up! :)

Jano said...

MIRACLE! I mean seriously. What else could this be? Glad you didn't destroy your quite new Hyundai.